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Nikola Mossop has a go at wakeboarding and stands up well

I’d like to say that I am an adventurous individual who thrives on extreme sports and being out in the wild, but the truth is that I’m happiest with a leisurely stroll topped off with a cup of tea.

The last time I had been in a swimsuit was among the bubbles in the Jacuzzi at a spa day with my friends, so when I was asked to don a wetsuit and have a go at cable wakeboarding I was a little hesitant. But I decided to give it a go, and I’m glad I did.

Foxlake Adventures, just outside Dunbar, in East Lothian, has the first cable wakeboarding park in Scotland. It is a fast-growing sport, with 90 wakeboarding parks in Germany alone. Anyone aged six and upwards can have a go. There is the option of the Learn2Wake lesson consisting of two 15-minute sessions and a lesson on dry land, or Pay&Wake which is a 15-minute session fully instructed by Foxlake staff. Prices for adults range from £25 to £46 and all kit hire is included.

The chilled-out atmosphere at Foxlake put me at ease and stepping out in the wetsuit provided, I was ready to go. My instructor, Nick, explained the stance to take on the board, but said the best way to learn this was to get straight in and have a go.

After many spectacular crashes into the water I actually managed to stand up and wakeboard. It was such a brilliant experience and for a short moment I felt as elegant as a swan skimming the water… until I fell face-first again.

Wakeboarding is something I never thought I would be able to do, but with encouragement from the instructors I surprised myself, and I feel pretty darn good about it.

I would highly recommend that you give it a go, whether you’re looking at getting into a new watersport or just want to have a fun day out with family and friends.


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