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Hadrians Wildlife

Hadrian's Wildlife by John Miles

Hadrian’s Wildlife by John Miles

At once a historical journey along the length of the largest ancient monument in northern Europe and an exploration of its wildlife and surrounding habitat, this is a painstakingly-researched account of one of Britain’s most important World Heritage sites. A month by month look at what wildlife can be found, and where, is a nice touch for those who’d like to dip in to sections of the wall at different times of the year.

Whittles Publishing RRP £16.99

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Headwaters, Walking to British River Sources

Headwaters - walking to British river sources

Headwaters, Walking to British River Sources by Phil Clayton

Visiting the source of Britain’s rivers is not as easy as you might imagine; they can change according to the season, moving downstream during a dry spell, or disappearing altogether under a blanket of snow and ice. Here, Phil Clayton takes readers on a fascinating journey to discover the sources of more than 50 of our rivers, including a variety in Scotland – from the Nith and Annan in the south to the Spey, Don and Dee in the northeast – that can involve long and challenging walks in. Along the way, we learn much about not just where these great rivers rise, but also their character, ecology and landscape found on their journeys to the sea.

Frances Lincoln RRP £18.99

Buy from Amazon UK for £12.15

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Scotland End to End, Walking the Gore-Tex Scottish National Trail

Scotland End to End - Walking the Gore-Tex National Trail

Scotland End to End, Walking the Gore-Tex Scottish National Trail by Cameron McNeish and Richard Else

This book accompanies the opening last year of a new end-to-end walking route from Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders (the northern terminus of the Pennine Way) to Cape Wrath, the most northwesterly point on the British mainland. Some may be uncomfortable with the overt corporate branding of the trail, but it looks like a cracking route. Devised by broadcaster and outdoor writer Cameron McNeish, the 470-mile route links a number of existing long-distance trails such as the Southern Upland Way, the John Muir Way, Rob Roy Way and the Cape Wrath Trail.

Mountain Media RRP £20.00

Buy on Amazon UK (£14)

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The Fife Coastal Path, The Official Guide

The Fife Coastal Path - The Official Guide

The Fife Coastal Path, The Official Guide by the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust

Produced by the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust, this official guide is a comprehensive resource for walkers looking to stride along the Fife Coastal Path – whether in sections, or the whole 117-mile length of it. Surprisingly wild in places, there’s no better way to get a feel for the Kingdom.

RRP £9.99,

Buy on Amazon UK

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Great British Shipwrecks – SO Favourite

Great British Shipwrecks

Our favourite from Spring 2013 Reviewed by Scotland Outdoors

Great British Shipwrecks, A Personal Adventure by

Perhaps slightly off topic for an outdoors publication, we nonetheless found this is a revealing and absorbing read. Written by hugely experienced diver Rod Macdonald, the book highlights almost 40 of the best known wrecks around the UK – including the remains of the German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow. Others are less well-known such as the wreck, in the Firth of Forth, of HMS Pathfinder, the first Royal Naval warship to be sunk by a torpedo from a German U-boat in World War One.

The level of detail is such that it’s not surprising that the book is the result of several decades’ worth of dives. Each narrative includes details on the ship’s history, how it met its fate, excellent underwater photography and wonderful artist’s illustrations of how the wrecks look on the seabed today. Fascinating stuff – with an appeal for divers and non-divers alike.

Rating: 4.5
Whittles Publishing, RRP £18.99

Pick up a copy Amazon UK for £16.52

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Fauna Scotica, Animals and People in Scotland

Fauna Scotica, Animals and People in Scotland

Fauna Scotica, Animals and People in Scotland by Polly Pullar and Mary Low

A weighty, hugely informative and beautifully-illustrated book, Fauna Scotica deserves to sit alongside the very best of any of the recent titles published on Scotland’s natural history. Grouped according to habitat – from high mountains to urban centres – it takes a species by species look at the wealth of animals that call Scotland home. But what makes the book so appealing is the way that it also explores our own relationship, past and present, with specific species and reflects on their place in religion, history, folklore and more. A final chapter on mythological creatures is particularly enjoyable.

Birlinn, RRP £30.00

Order from Amazon UK for £19.20

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Scottish Trail Running – SO Favourite

Scottish Trail Running by Susie Allison
Scottish Trail Running
by  Reviewed by Scotland Outdoors

A celebration of running a world away from tarmac and traffic, Susie Allison has done experienced and beginner trail runners alike a great service with this wonderful collection of 70 routes around the country – from short runs close to town centres to ultra-marathons in Scotland’s wild backcountry.
Of particular appeal for those taking their first strides in trail running is that the routes steer clear of the kind of impenetrable bogs and ankle-breaking boulder fields that can be occupational hazards when out on the hill. Instead, the focus is on circular and almost entirely runnable tracks. All have been hand-picked to highlight the sheer range of scenery and terrain that can be enjoyed while trail running in Scotland.Each run is graded based on navigational difficulty, the type of terrain encountered and how wet your feet are likely to get – giving runners enough prior information to help build confidence as they progress to longer, tougher routes.Part of the appeal of trail running is, of course, the challenge of the route itself, but just as important is the opportunity for runners to immerse themselves in wonderful landscapes. This book celebrates both with equal gusto, with the author always keen to highlight the natural and historical features found along the various routes. Goodness knows how many miles were clocked up while researching it.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Pesda Press, £15.99,

Best price £12.99  (Correct at time of writing)

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