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Scottish Trail Running – SO Favourite

Scottish Trail Running by Susie Allison
Scottish Trail Running
by  Reviewed by Scotland Outdoors

A celebration of running a world away from tarmac and traffic, Susie Allison has done experienced and beginner trail runners alike a great service with this wonderful collection of 70 routes around the country – from short runs close to town centres to ultra-marathons in Scotland’s wild backcountry.
Of particular appeal for those taking their first strides in trail running is that the routes steer clear of the kind of impenetrable bogs and ankle-breaking boulder fields that can be occupational hazards when out on the hill. Instead, the focus is on circular and almost entirely runnable tracks. All have been hand-picked to highlight the sheer range of scenery and terrain that can be enjoyed while trail running in Scotland.Each run is graded based on navigational difficulty, the type of terrain encountered and how wet your feet are likely to get – giving runners enough prior information to help build confidence as they progress to longer, tougher routes.Part of the appeal of trail running is, of course, the challenge of the route itself, but just as important is the opportunity for runners to immerse themselves in wonderful landscapes. This book celebrates both with equal gusto, with the author always keen to highlight the natural and historical features found along the various routes. Goodness knows how many miles were clocked up while researching it.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Pesda Press, £15.99,

Best price £12.99  (Correct at time of writing)

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