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September/October 2015
* Explore: Arran
* Top 5 kayak spots
* Bikepacking
* Railway adventures
* Hungry for Shetland
* Best waterproof jackets
* All our regulars

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“I bask in the exhilaration of a 360-degree panorama that extends for miles” - Keith Fergus on climbing Arran’s four Corbetts

“This time, I bear right and plunge into much less frequented woods to the Tyne Water, startling a red deer as I go” - Don Currie goes trail running in the shadow of the new Borders Railway

“Bikepacking is about exploring new places without being constrained by your bike” - Markus Stitz explains the attraction of bikepacking

“Most people have never seen the seabed, so we’ve been able to show them what it looks like, and how it is recovering” - Howard Wood, conservationist, on his campaign to protect Arran’s marine life

“Nothing prepared us for the spectacular Gaada Stack, a double arch rock formation which dominates the northern shore of the island” - Self-confessed foodie Josh Sutton eats his way around Shetland

As always we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who’s had a hand in making this issue – the writers, photographers, those who’ve inspired us with their ideas and those who have taken the time to answer our questions (even the daft ones). We couldn’t do it without you.


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