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November/December 2014
* Explore: Strathclyde
* Women in the wild
* Festive outdoor gift guide
* Time you gave cyclocross a try
* Clouds and their secrets
* Competitions
* All our regulars

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“As a rider, it’s daft. You’re ripping around on skinny tyres on mud that in places is almost hub deep. I find it ridiculously amusing”
– Nicola Johnson on tackling cyclocross for the first time

“There would be no gas, only fire to cook on, and certainly no loos or running water. But there would be little luxuries… like chocolate”
– Ida Maspero goes wild on the Moray coast

“If you want to keep a step ahead of the wind and rain, it helps if you can read the clouds”
– Felicity Martin looks to the skies for the weather report

“The prospect of a landscape devoid of wading birds is horrifying. Farmers and conservationists in the Clyde Valley are working to prevent it happening”
– Don Currie has good news on the work of RSPB Scotland

These features and many more await you in our November/December 2014 edition. Order yours today or subscribe.

As always we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who’s had a hand in making this issue – the writers, photographers, those who’ve inspired us with their ideas and those who have taken the time to answer our questions (even the daft ones). We couldn’t do it without you.


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