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Issue 25


July/August 2014
* Explore: Shetland
* Road climbs for cyclists
* Pollen power
* Kitesurfing
* Howffing
* Waterproof trousers
* All our regulars

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The hills in Shetland are well worth exploring for this view and more – just beware of the bonxies.
– Graham Uney will show you the way

Caves can be creepy and forbidding – but they can also be great places to shelter from the elements for a night in the hills.
– Patrick Baker has a go at the ancient practice of howffing, and investigates its traditions

Some people assume kite surfing is something reserved for the superfit and affluent in places like the Caribbean and California. But they’re wrong.
– Let Polly Crathorne persuade you to give the sport she loves a try right here in Scotland

As the principal pollinators, bees play a vital role in all our lives, and their recent decline is worrying.
– Richard Rowe looks at efforts to protect these insects and finds plenty of reasons for optimism

Top five road climbs for cyclists.
– Places to reach the top with a smile on your face

These features and many more await you in our July/August 2014 edition. Order yours today or subscribe.

As always we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who’s had a hand in making this issue – the writers, photographers, those who’ve inspired us with their ideas and those who have taken the time to answer our questions (even the daft ones). We couldn’t do it without you.

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