Veglo Commuter X4 Rear Light


New to the cycling bike lights market is the Veglo Commuter X4. How does it rate?

Being seen on winter roads is vital to a cyclist’s safety. These days there are hundreds of different styles of bike lights, both front and rear, and in a wide range of sizes, lumens and prices.

Now there’s the Veglo. It looks like the ultimate in bike light solutions. Designed by keen cyclist Ed Ward and launched via a kickstarter campaign that raised 120% of funds required, the Veglo Commuter X4 is new to the market but has already won plaudits and awards.

Veglo Commuter X4 was chosen from hundreds of products in Wired magazine as runner-up in the British Inventors’ Project 2014.

It was described at the Gadget Show Live as the “most practical, purposeful and problem solving gadget” there.

Veglo was awarded the Shell Live Wire Business Award in July 2014.

Veglo also made the final 12 from 700 brands that pitched to the head buyers of John Lewis at Pop Up Britain’s John Lewis PitchUp day.

When I spoke to Ed he was buzzing with excitement about the sales of Veglo. He said: “It’s amazing. Awesome. We are selling as fast as we can supply. It’s been so incredible and uplifting to see the interest in Veglo.”

Features of the Veglo

  • Four-strap design that fits over your rucksack or your back
  • USB rechargeable
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple flash and fade settings
  • Silver reflective straps with fibre optic light guides to create an X-shaped rear bike light
  • The straps are also designed to create a unique shape so that other road users see multiple focal points, which helps them to better judge the distance, width and speed of cyclists
  • Different brightness options to save battery energy.

Test riding with the Veglo

I started by charging the Veglo via an ordinary USB plug charger. It works quickly and it’s straightforward.

I then had a play with all the different light modes. There are dozens. The middle red light does all kinds of flashy things and the fibre optic straps also flash in different patterns.

If I’m honest I lost track of how many options and combinations there are. Suffice to say, there are various options and enough for each day of the week or maybe two weeks.

Riding in the dark

What I then struggled with was how to switch it off. I had to refer to an on-line tutorial video to explain which button to hold down to turn off. For your information, you can hold down either the button for the red light or the button for the light straps for two seconds to switch off.

Attaching the X-straps to my rucksack was simpler. The tutorial clearly shows how to use the straps and adjustors to neatly fit the Veglo on to all sizes of rucksack. (If you want to wear it without a rucksack you simply attach over your shoulders and around the waist.)

Even with the Veglo attached, I could still access the zip to open and close my rucksack so the gadget doesn’t compromise the use of your rucksack.

vegloWearing the Veglo is as simple as wearing a rucksack (just remember to switch it on before you set off).

I felt ultra sensible wearing this in traffic. I had a front light, another rear bike light and the Veglo and I felt more conspicuous than I ever have before.

Even without the fibre optic lights on, the silver straps can be picked up by other car lights. This is similar to the reflective details you see on many items of cycling and running clothing.

If I wanted to check that the lights were still working I looked down to my right where the glow of one strap could be seen.

You can see from the photo that the Veglo is bright and noticeable.

I am not sure whether the word Veglo is pronounced “VeeGlow” or “Veg” lo. No matter, it’s a superb safety gadget and one I’ll be using all winter.

The Veglo Commuter X4 costs £39.99 from



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