Vaude Dyce gloves

These lightweight cycling gloves are a good addition to your autumn wardrobe.

Cycling gloves. I consider them an essential item of my kit, and I have a few pairs for different weathers. But, from a purely practical level, if you were to come off your bike, they would protect your hands. They can keep you warm too, or dry – but the one thing I do like about my gloves is not too much padding.

I like to be able to feel the bike, and be able to respond quickly, so these lightweight gloves from German outdoors brand Vaude looked interesting.

Features of the Vaude Dyce gloves:

• Cushioned palms
• Fleece backed thumbs
• Neoprene cuffs
• Mesh back inserts
• Raised silicone prints on fingertips

On Test:

The sizing on the Vaude website seemed quite complicated – no small, medium or large here. Instead, you had to measure the circumference of your hand, and then choose the correct size based on their table of measurements. I used a flexible tape measure for the job, or a piece of string would do I suppose. Anyway, I am a size 9 in Vaude land, and yes, they fitted perfectly when they arrived.

There are lots of different fabrics at work here. There’s no fiddly Velcro tab to fasten them on with – just a stretchy Neoprene wrist cuff, with pulse warmer. The grippy faux leather palm is perforated, and has very minimal cushioning under the fingers and the base of the hand. These cushions are decorated with a clever raised silicone grip which has a sticky quality, and helps make good contact with the handlebars. They extend to the tips of the middle, index finger and thumb, to help with gear shifts and braking too.

The reverse of the glove is made up from stretchy mesh and an elastane panel, which flexes nicely with your hand, and the thumb has a Terry towelling backing which is great for wiping your sweaty forehead.

So, they are really well made, and fit well. What about performance? I’ve been using these for a few weeks now, commuting and also mountain biking. I really like the minimal quality – I can still feel the bike through the bars, but I have a wee bit of cushioning where I need it, and the silicone grips are useful. They are not waterproof – but the palm keeps its grip even in the wet – and they do dry quickly too. The mesh is in the right areas for ventilation – the index finger even has a closer knit mesh than the other fingers as it is more exposed.

All the material used is man-made, but even with the perforated palms, and mesh back, my hands felt a bit sweaty – not while they were on, but when I took them off. Still, they are a great long-fingered glove for three season use.

The men’s version is £30, while the women’s style is £34.

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