Urbanista Rio Nightrunner earphones

Rio Nightrunner

Tangle free earphones are great for running.

We love listening to the sounds of nature when walking in Scotland, but when you’re training for a big race, sometimes you need a motivational music soundtrack to your run.

Earbud headphones have a tendency to fall out, while the big ear muff styles are just not suitable for athletes.

These Urbanista Rio Nightrunner earphones are a great addition to your sports kit.

On Test

The packaging for the earphones is pretty slick, and fits with the ‘urbanista’ moniker. Straight out of the box you get the earphones, but also three pairs of different shaped silicone covers, two with GoFit wing attachments. Everyone has slightly different shaped ears I guess. The silicone helps keep the earpieces in the ear, and the wing flap allows the wearer to pull them out easily, and helps them stay put too.

The best thing is that the wiring is flat in shape, and so totally tangle-free – why are all headphones not like this?! In addition, the cord seems a bit longer than most, meaning you could stow your MP3 player in a rucksack, rather than your pocket.

There’s a right angled gold-plated mini jack at the business end, and a little clip for attaching to your clothing to stop the cables flapping about. The cables are not only tangle-free but they are also highly reflective, so if you are running in low light or at night, car headlamps will pick out the shape. We are pretty sure these are the only earphones like this – and this can only be a good thing for runners in an urban environment.

The earphones were a nice snug fit, but the silicone covers have some give which helps too. If they get dirty or covered in ear wax, you can remove them and give them a wash, which is useful.
There is a pause button/inbuilt microphone – click once and the song pauses, and if you double click, the song you’re listening to goes back to the start. The microphone allows you to take phone calls too. It would have been great if this had been a volume control though. There is a clip for attaching to clothing, and this is on a swivel – handy as you will be on the move. There’s a neat little velcro fastener that keeps the earphones tidy when you’re not using them, but I found I never needed it, and it is removable.

The earphones are also rain and sweat proof – perfect for outdoor activities.

web_rio_nr_front edit
In terms of sound quality – I listened to a lot of fast, loud rock music on my runs and it coped pretty well, but lacked a bit of bass. They don’t completely close out all the background noise, and if it’s windy sound can be impaired.

All in all, good value sports earphones bursting with features. Did I mention they’re tangle-free?

£59.99. See the Urbanista website for more options.

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