Therm-A-Rest Tech Blanket


On test is a Therm-A-Rest camping blanket that is surprisingly warm for its weight.

Therm-A-Rest will be known to you as a leading brand of inflatable sleeping mattresses. But they also make a number of other camping accessories, including sleeping bags, chairs and blankets.

The lightweight and easily packable Tech Blanket is useful for a number of reasons.

On a fair weather camping trip, the blanket could be a better option than a sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes I find a sleeping bag is simply too warm.

On a colder camping trip, the blanket can offer an extra layer of warmth, either on top of your sleeping bag or between you and a sleeping mattress.

It is also useful for keeping you warm when sitting outside on cool evenings, or, for example, when stopping for a break or something to eat while hill walking.

I also found it to be the perfect item for keeping Wispa, our whippet, warm when on a camping adventure.

Features of the Therm-A-Test Tech Blanket

  • Lightweight and quilted nylon blanket
  • Warm, compressible high-loft synthetic insulation with a soft polyester lining
  • Can attach to a Therm-a-Rest mattress (using a separate “Fast & Light Snap Kit”) or a sleeping bag for an added layer of warmth
  • Stuffs into its own pocket for easy packing
  • Small (550g) or large (882g) sizes
  • Two colours, blue or green
  • Machine washable

thermarest_tech_blanket_4On test: Therm-A-Test Tech Blanket

I have used the blanket on many occasions this summer, especially as the weather has not been too warm. It was a useful asset on a camping trip when a group of friends were sat around on a cool evening.

I simply wrapped the blanket around me and remained surprisingly warm, given how lightweight the blanket feels.

On chilly days at home when I have felt a bit mean about putting on the heating I have wrapped the blanket around my legs and felt almost instantly warm.

I have used the blanket as a way to warm up after wet bike rides and after a long hill walking day.

The blanket has also been handy on camping trips with Wispa. She suffers in the cold at night and if she has half a chance she will try to get inside our sleeping bags.
However, there is not enough space for a human and a dog in a sleeping bag.

Wrapped neatly inside the blanket, she stayed warm and still all night.

The blanket packs into its own (attached) zipped bag so you can easily stuff it into a small place in your rucksack.

WispaThankfully, it is machine washable, because Wispa ended up muddy after our latest microadventure wild camping on a hillside and left most of the muck on the blanket.

It washed easily in the machine and looks like new afterwards.

I also plan to take the sleeping blanket with me on an overseas (warm weather) bike packing trip. Rather than carry a heavier sleeping bag I will pack the lightweight Therm-A-Rest Tech Blanket.

For such a simple item that felt rather flimsy when I first looked at it, it has proved to be one of the most useful accessories for summer camping this year.

See Cascade Designs for more details and buy on-line, such as Amazon and All Outdoor The blanket is around £36 for a small and £50 for a large size.

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