Therm-A-Rest Mira HD women’s sleeping bag

The Therm-A-Rest Mira HD women’s three-season sleeping bag has been updated and relaunched for 2015.

When did sleeping bags become so technical and claim so many outdoors sleep-enhancing qualities? Certainly, the wide range of sleeping bags and all their many features is hugely impressive these days. But surely a bag is a bag?

Not so, it seems. Just take a look at the many details of the Mira HD sleeping bag:

  • Zoned Insulation that boasts “box-baffled” 750+ fill Hydrophobic Down and a “sewn-through” insulated bottom
  • Reflective “ThermaCapture” lining for added warmth without excess weight or bulk
  • “ToeAsis” foot warmer pocket
  • “SynergyLink Connectors” to integrate an inflatable mattress for “comfort and efficiency”
  • Heat trapping draft collar and full-length zipper draft tube
  • Women’s-specific differential cut
  • Snag-free zipper
  • Cinchable hood
  • External zip pocket
  • Stuffsack for trips away
  • Large storage sack for keeping the bag in one place but all plumped up rather than stuffed in a bag

My goodness! This list is impressive and reveals that the sleeping bag has been carefully thought out, as well as being designed specifically to suit women.

Mira_Womens_Sleeping_Bag_5According to Therm-A-Rest, because women are generally smaller, slimmer and find sleeping outdoors chillier, they need a sleeping bag created for them. If you are a woman you will probably agree that you also suffer with colder feet.
So, the women’s-specific cut has shifted the fill volume from the shoulders to the hips for better warmth for women. In addition, the Toe-asis Foot Warmer and reflective ThermaCapture lining boost overall warmth.

The bag comes in a regular size (for women up to 5ft 6in) and long (for women up to 6ft). It’s also impressively light for a three-season rating and when packed into the stuff sack it can be held in one of my hands.

Its temperature range would suit low-elevation camping in spring and autumn and higher altitude camping in summer.

A word about Nikwax Hydrophobic down

Mira_Womens_Sleeping_Bag_5_2_When normal down becomes damp or wet it loses its ability to keep you warm. That is why many people prefer to choose a synthetic fill bag. But down is warmer than synthetic fill. Now some brands have launched down that can resist water.

This is what Therm-A-Rest say about Nikwax Hydrophobic Down: “Nikwax Hydrophobic Down has a flexible Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish on each individual down filament. This reduces absorption of moisture protecting down from perspiration, condensation and precipitation and maintaining loft and insulation in cold and damp conditions.

“Keeping down free from moisture allows it to be effective for longer when in use. Additionally, it is protected from microbial action, which can cause breakdown of damp down, therefore increasing the usable lifetime of your item.”

What are SynergyLink Connectors?

Mira_Womens_15_Sleeping_Bag_4_This is something I have not seen on a sleeping bag before, although it is a great idea. Therm-A-Rest’s SynergyLink Connectors are a fancy name for loops at the back of the bag into which you can push an inflatable mattress (preferably a Therm-A-Rest).

If you are a regular camper you’ll know how often you slip off a mattress or mat when inside a shiny and slippery sleeping bag, especially when on a slight slope. The loops keep the bag neatly on top of the mattress and I am surprised I haven’t come across this before with other bags.

My thoughts on the MIRA HD bag

The sleeping bag is super cosy and is perfectly rated at three-season. It does sound a bit crinkly when moving about in the bag but I think this is the Reflective ThermaCapture lining.

I also like the fit, design and colours, as well as extra features like a small zipped pocket, presumably for valuables, and the way that you can adjust the collar around the hood.

When not in use the bag can be stuffed into a small portable bag that is not very bulky. When storing it in the house it is better to allow more air to circulate the down so there is an additional “large storage sack”. This is a great idea.

This is a well thought-out sleeping bag – but then you should expect a lot for the price tag of around £400. I would imagine it would last a long, long time, however.

See Therm-A-Rest Mira HD women’s sleeping bag.
There are lots of other Therm-A-Rest three-season sleeping bags in men’s and unisex designs.

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One comment on “Therm-A-Rest Mira HD women’s sleeping bag
  1. Mel Murray says:

    Can you tell me if the \”toe-asis\” foot warmer would prohibit the use of a sleeping bag liner?


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