Silva food and drink flasks

Silva Flasks

Keep food and drink warm on your outdoor adventures with Silva’s new series of unbreakable flasks

Most outdoors people know of Silva as the maker of compasses. You might also know that Silva make a great range of head torches, including my absolute favourite running headtorch, the Silva Trail Runner.

In recent years, Silva have been branching out into other products including dry bags and now vacuum flasks.

Silva vacuum flasks for the outdoors

Silva have a range of traditional shaped stainless steel flasks – that is, they are tall and slim – called Dine Oolong, which come in three sizes of 0.35l, 0.5l and 0.75l. They are best suited to hot drinks and soup and feature a lid shaped as a cup.

There is also a shorter and wider flask called the Dine Risotto, which is perfect for taking hot food, such as pasta, rice-based meals or something filling like porridge on your outdoors trips.

In fact, I used the Dine Risotto to carry warmed up leftovers from a night-before meal. The sausage, potatoes and veg stayed lovely and hot for six hours before I scoffed them for lunch during a winter’s hike.

To be honest, I’d not thought about taking a cooked meal on a walking trip until I discovered the Dine Risotto flask. I would normally rely on sandwiches and a traditional flask of soup or coffee.

But when I sat down on a rock, sheltered from a strong wind, halfway up a Munro to eat my lunch I really welcomed the “proper” hot food. It felt so much more decadent to be eating a good meal.

Silva flasks

What I like about the Silva flasks

The flasks feel strong and tough. The double layer of stainless steel is robust and also a great insulator. The traditional tall flasks have lids that serve as cups. The Dine Risotto lid is, well, simply a sealed vacuum flask lid.

All of the flasks have lids/cups and a base made of a rubbery material, which means they can take a lot of knocks.

There is nothing fancy about these flasks. They are plain and straightforward – I like this no-fuss look – and if you are looking for a way to keep your  drinks and food hot and safely contained while in your rucksack these are perfect.

The flasks cost £14.99 to £19.99 and can be found in a number of on-line stores such as Active Outfit. Also see Silva

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