SealSkinz cycling overshoes

Sealskinz waterproof cycling overshoes

Few things can get you down like cold, soggy feet. We look at some waterproof cycling overshoes from Sealskinz – a brand many cyclists swear by 

sealskinzWhen the winter comes, cyclists struggle to stay dry and warm. SealSkinz have made their name creating socks, gloves and now overshoes that keep the water out so that riders stay dry.

On test are SealSkinz Waterproof overshoes. Made from tight-fitting neoprene I was confident that these overshoes would keep my feet as dry as possible while cycling in heavy rain. I’ve owned – and worn out – other neoprene overshoes and liked what they offer.

Sealskinz overshoes fit well over cycling shoesThe SealSkinz fit really well over bike shoes. The stretchiness of neoprene means that the overshoes are very snugly. The over-shoes are also much easier to get on than others I’ve tried. I like the zip opening at the back and the loop at the bottom of the heel to aid the pulling on of the overshoes. It’s never easy to get an over-shoe on but SealSkinz have thought of ways to help cyclists.

The zip worried me because zips usually leak but there is a storm flap inside the overshoe to keep water out.

Another place where rain can get in is the top of the overshoe, around the ankle. SealSkinz have created a “silicone leg gripper” here, as well as an “adjustable Velcro ankle tab”.

The openings at the bottom of the overshoe for the cleat and heel are designed to be as tight as possible around the bike shoe. They were certainly neat and close-fitting over my bike shoes.

In addition, the SealSkinz overshoes have Kevlar toes and heels for abrasion resistance and YKK brand reflective zipper.

Riding in the rain with SealSkinz overshoes

I have ridden in the rain twice with the SealSkinz overshoes. Once in average rain and another time in torrential, all-day rain.

When it was raining “averagely” – by which I mean on-off rain that was never too heavy – there was little water spray from the road and the puddles were not too deep. In these conditions, my feet stayed wonderfully dry. There was a little rain seepage around the ankle but this is because I have big feet and skinny ankles.

I need an overshoe to fit my size UK8.5 shoes, which means they have a larger ankle fitting than suits my very skinny calves. I tried to seal the tops as much as I could and in averagely rainy conditions only suffered a little rain seepage.

Brilliantly, the rain did not get in underneath my shoes (which has been a common problem on other overshoes). The fitting around the cleats and heels is very good.


I also wore the over-shoes when cycling in torrential rain and for hours on end (this is another story, but I was cycling across England on the C2C and the weather was mega wet). I doubt that any overshoe would have kept out all the rain on this occasion. The rain was heavy from above and the deep puddles meant that water was continually spraying the underside of my feet.

Surprisingly, my feet never felt waterlogged and the neoprene helped to keep my feet warm-ish but in these very wet conditions I have to report that some rain did get in to my shoes and through to my socks.

I think the ‘extreme’ solution would be to wear Sealskinz waterproof socks as well as overshoes if the rain is very heavy and you plan to be cycling for many, many hours. (My advice would be to stay at home on those days and get out your turbo trainer!)

Priced at under £30 the SealSkinz overshoes are very good value for money.

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