Salomon Fast Wing Tee

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Neil Braidwood finds this lightweight running top keeps him cool on the trail.

I’ve been doing a lot of canicross running recently, so when this T-shirt arrived for review I was keen to try it out. I sweat quite a lot on my runs, and even in this balmy Scottish summer, when temperatures can hit nearly 15 degrees (we wish) – every little thing that can help your performance is welcomed.


  • Half zip
  • Breathability
  • Dual side pockets
  • Reflective details
  • Lightweight (135g)

On test: Salomon Fast Wing Tee
The medium size fitted well, and I loved the mesh panels in the back, sides and shoulder areas. It’s not so baggy that it flaps about, but allows for movement and airflow. There are silicone dots on the shoulders too, to keep backpacks secure on your run. I found these pretty effective, but I don’t normally run with a backpack, so I didn’t have much to compare with. There are two, quite narrow pockets in the lower back area, and these are a perfect size for gels or energy bars, but a bit deep for my car key which got lost a bit. Still, they are very welcome, and at least you know the key isn’t going to bounce out. There is a half zip at the neck which I loved, as that’s where I tend to sweat the most. Normal T-shirts just collect the moisture in that area, so I often end my runs with a soggy top, but having the zip allows you to regulate your temperature in this zone. The two mesh panels at the shoulder area both help with this problem too.
web_Fastwing HZ SS Tee
I found it comfortable to wear, with the flatlock internal seams not worrying me at all. The shape, too, seems wider at the shoulders and narrower in the trunk, so felt good when running. The fabric does have some stretch in it. While not completely dry at the end of a run, it certainly seemed dryer than other shirts I own, but it did take a wee while for it to dry at rest or even when taken off.

Salomon Fast Wing Tee in various colours and women’s version, RRP: £50

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