ProViz REFLECT360 cycling jacket


ProViz Sports launch a highly reflective cycling jacket.

refelct360When is a hi-viz cycling jacket even better than the one you already own? When it’s made of the most amazing, highly visible reflective fabric REFLECT360.
I am not normally over-wowed by outdoors products (I see so many) but when I first saw the REFLECT360 cycling jacket by ProViz Sports I was very impressed.

The entire jacket is made from the reflective material that you’d normally expect to see as a small “feature” or “detail” in other clothing products.

The new jacket is claimed as “the world’s most advanced cycling jacket”, which is a bit over the top, but it’s certainly an innovative item.

The fabric even looks bright in daylight but in the dark and when a light shines on it (for example, car headlights) it is astonishingly bright.

The jacket looks like it’s glowing, which is perfect for this time of year when the mornings and nights are becoming darker and the days don’t always include sunshine.

REFLECT360 Jacket split to show Effect (1)The jacket is also well designed. It feels a little heavier than my usual winter waterproof cycling jacket but nothing excessive.

There are multiple vents – front, shoulder/back and under arm – to allow for air to get in. The brand claims this is a good way to regulate body temperature. On a dry day this is true. When the rain is heavy I think the vents might let in some wet and road spray.

ProViz states: “By opening the front zipper vents a ‘through-flow’ is achieved. The air enters the front vents, cools the body and exits via the shoulder/back vents. During the winter, the vents can be closed and are designed to also be used as extra pockets if required. These features enable the jacket to be used all year round.”

REFLECT360 Jacket - BackThe fabric is said to be “highly water resistant”. In winter I am looking for the words “waterproof” but it depends on whether you ride your bike when it’s raining heavily or prefer to stick to drier days and have the advantage of amazing visibility.

My other waterproof cycling jacket is made of Gore-Tex Active fabric so it’s breathable as well as waterproof but it isn’t anywhere near as “glow in the dark”. The ProViz isn’t so breathable but the vents will help to keep the sweat down.

Further features include:

  • Fleece-lined comfort collar
  • Adjustable waistband and Velcro cuff
  • Water-repellent storm zip
  • Seam-sealed for extra waterproofing
  • Inside chest and back pockets
  • Low profiled rear spray guard
  • Inside mesh lining
  • Machine washable
  • Approx weight (depending on size) is 500g.

If commuting in busy traffic in winter-time or out on quiet, dark roads I would definitely wear this REFLECT360 jacket. But I would expect to sweat a bit in the process and if heavy rain came on I might also expect to get a little wet.
The ProViz Reflect360 range includes men’s and women’s cycling and running jackets, a kids’ jacket, gilets and rucksacks. See ProViz. The cycling jackets retail for £79.99.

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