Platypus Siouxon MTB rucksack


A leader in sports hydration bladders, Platypus also make rucksacks for mountain bikers, including the women’s Siouxon.

Platypus recognise that women also mountain bike yet we have a different physique to the guys. So they have created their Siouxon (Sue-sonn) 10 AM rucksack as the female equivalent to the men’s Platypus Duthie 10AM.

While the Siouxon offer 10 litres of gear space and two litres of hydration bladder space, the Duthie has a seven to three litre ratio.

Sioxon_3_They are both neat and compact packs that are ideal for rides of up to a day long. I have been testing the Platypus Siouxon rucksack.

Platypus Siouxon features:

  • 2l “Big Zip” LP Reservoir with a low-profile shape and a wide-mouth opening that locks securely.
  • Hydration pocket with reservoir suspension hooks.
  • Magnetic hydration hose retention.
  • Ventilated suspension designed for female riders.
  • Shoulder straps and back panel designed to fit a wide range of female body types and promote airflow in all riding positions.
  • Carry system large enough for full-face helmet and pads.
  • Pump sleeve and tool pockets.
  • Waist belt with two pockets.
  • Loop for attaching a rear light.

On test: Platypus Siouxon 10AM

The pack size is perfect for a mountain bike outing – or a road cycle – that is between two hours and a full day. There is enough space for a few spare clothing items, food, tools and maybe a map and compass if you need them.

Two litres of water is about the right amount for a general day out although in the summer you might want to add to this at a fresh water stream or café.

I really like the new range of Platypus reservoirs. Gone are the days of fiddling around with tricky screw top filling holes. You simply slide off the wide top sealer, open up the 14cm width top and let the tap water flow in.

IMG_8285To seal, slide back the top sealer. The seal works very well and there are no leaks.

The bladder hangs on two internal hooks in a zipped rear compartment of the rucksack.

A drinking tube feeds out of a hole in the top of the pack and fits neatly down one of the shoulder straps. A handy magnet holds the water tube in place on the shoulder strap when not in use.

This is a thoughtful addition to a pack that has a hydration bladder because without it the tube has a tendency to break free and flap about.

Another larger zipped top compartment is where you can stow spare clothing and bits and pieces. It’s not a huge area but there is space for a lightweight waterproof jacket, a baselayer and food.

Platypus has added lots of internal pockets so that you can keep things in place, such as money, tools and snacks.

IMG_8281There is another smaller zipped pocket on the outside of the pack. This is soft-lined so you can place valuables, for example mobile phone or sunglasses, without worrying about them being scratched.

Yet another zipped pocket at the rear middle of the rucksack has a place for items such as puncture repair tools, inner tubes etc.

Further zipped pockets are found on both sides of the waist strap. I really like these pockets because they keep things handy when you are out on the bike.

A couple of small meshed side pockets are useful for adding water bottles. I wonder if these are really necessary if you have a hydration bladder but I guess it’s good to have these, rather than not.

In a zipped compartment at the base of the pack you’ll find a rain cover.

I do like pockets but I wonder if there are too many on this pack. Unless you have a good memory you could spend too long each time you stop trying to recall where you placed the particular item you want to use.

IMG_8283In addition, there is a deep outer pocket that is held together by straps where you can stash a bike helmet.

The fit of the pack is brilliant. I have fairly narrow shoulders and I am slim but I found it stayed put once I’d adjusted all the straps to suit. There is adjustment in the shoulder, waist and chest straps.

The mesh, air-vent back system is also comfortable. It helps to allow sweat to evaporate and I found my back stayed dry even when working hard on my bike.

The pack also looks great. It comes in bright colours and has the addition of hi-viz details.

See Platypus women’s Siouxon rucksack and Men’s Duthie AM 10. Prices on-line rnage from around £85 to £100.






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