North Face Women’s Storm Stow Jacket

TNF jacket 4 stars

Ultralight outer layer can be packed away and carried until needed, finds Sarah Slater.

The North Face Storm Stow Jacket is great for anyone looking to equip themselves with a practical, lightweight and comfortable running jacket.

I’ve found it ideal for those slightly windier and rainier days that have been quite frequent this summer, and are getting more so as we move into autumn.

The jacket’s thin material, so light you barely notice it, makes this garment comfortable and unrestrictive, while still providing reasonable protection from the wind and rain. I’ve found it does a better job of being waterproof than windproof but it still offers adequate protection against chilly gusts.jacket front

Features of the North Face Women’s Storm Stow Jacket include:

  • sealed seams
  • stowable hood with visor
  • reflective logo
  • packs away into sleeve pocket
  • weighs only 130g

hoodThe most impressive thing about this jacket, for me at least, is how easy it is to roll up and store away. It is extremely compact and folds neatly into a pocket on the left sleeve, making it practical and convenient to transport and carry around with you.

When in use, the hood can also be stored away, which I found useful as I prefer not to use a hood while running. The style and other features, such as the adjustable waist, make it a great fit and give me enough space and flexibility to move naturally while running.

The neon green colour of the jacket is very vibrant, and certainly appeals to me, as I love bright colours. This and the reflective elements on the hood and logo make the jacket highly visible and safe for twilight runs.

Overall I found it to be a very practical and compact running jacket. It definitely does a good job of keeping you dry and warm in light rain and wind.

The design really does allow for flexibility and comfort, however long you’re running for, and I’d recommend it to any runner as a durable and practical piece of gear.

W Storm Stow Jacket copyThe North Face Women’s Storm Stow Jacket costs £155 from the brand’s online store, but it’s worth shopping around. At the time of writing, Ellis-Brigham was offering it at £89.99.

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