Norrona Falketind PrimaLoft100 Vest

Norrona 4 star

Winter wisdom tells us the core temperature is what counts – and this sleeveless beauty will take care of that, as Don Currie discovered.

I’ve never really been a one for the gilet look. It’s a bit “let’s load up the Range Rover with grouse and champers and head to Murrayfield for our pre-match picnic” for my liking.

But I’ve now let one sleeveless wonder into my affections. The Norrona Falketind PrimaLoft100, which at least is down to earth enough to call itself a vest, has won me over with its silky smooth feel, its lightness, its suppleness and, above all, its phenomenal warmth.

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The Norwegians have forgotten more about cold than we’ll ever know, so it’s no surprise that they’ve come up with this wee gem. Slip it on under your outer shell and take to the hills, as I did on a cold, snowy, windy day at the beginning of May, and it’ll astonish you with its superiority over any other form of extra layer, and certainly any vest in the old sense of the word.

It weighs just 240g and also packs down into a tiny space, making it ideal to take along on one of those days when the weather could do anything. That, in Scotland, means pretty much every day, and given the lack of weight and bulk I can’t think of a reason not take this garment along on any walk more challenging than a stroll in the park.

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The Falketind PrimaLoft 100 has a high neck to stop draughts, stretchy non-quilted side panels to aid flexibility, a hand-warmer pocket on each side and an internal pocket just the right size for an Ordnance Survey map. Its PrimaLoft filling gives great insulation, breathability and packability. That’s about it as far as features go.

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It’s a stylish garment, certainly compared to the dark green gilets normally seen above drill cords and brogues, and its pure, plain front is adorned only with a grey logo so understated as to be virtually invisible. It consists of the brand name, Norrona, and a rather cool Viking’s head logo, which also appears on the back.

There are five colours for men, Iconic Blue, Cool Black, Pure Orange, Caviar and Bamboo Green. Women get to choose from the latter two or Ice Blue, Iceberg Blue or Graffiti Pink.

Norrona Falketind PrimaLoft100 Vest, RRP £139.

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