Mammut T Advanced GTX walking boots

Mammut T Advanced GTX walking boot

On test are the Mammut T Advanced GTX walking boots that boast comfort and grip for off-the-beaten-track summer hiking.

These days there are walking boots to suit all terrains and styles. So, there are lightweight boots for easy-going summer trails, summer mountain boots, winter trail boots and four-season boots for hiking winter Alps – and everything in between.

Meeting the need for comfort and sturdiness, yet without being too heavy, on more adventurous summer hikes are the Mammut T Advanced GTX hiking boots. They weigh in at a very attractive 1456g.

What Mammut say about the boots

  • Velour leather outer shell for a flexible fit, which is ideal for summer walking across mixed terrain.
  • Base Fit lacing system, which wraps the foot securely inside the boot to ensure comfort and blister-free walking.
  • High-quality Hybrid Shell, liquid rubber protection and EVA wedge with integrated Mammut Rolling Concept.
  •  Cushioning memo foam
  • Vibram Scale sole, with its scale-like design
  • Rubber toe cap
  • GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear membrane

Mammut T Advanced GTX on test

Hiking boots that are designed for more testing terrain, such as Scottish mountains, are usually a stiff and a fairly weighty affair. You expect this because they need to offer support and grip on rocky and tricky terrain. So a pair of boots that are ideal for high-level mountain walking yet are light and comfy is certainly something to check out.

I was sent the Mammut T Advanced GTX in Eu42 (UK8) women’s fit.

The boots are certainly comfortable. They feel almost immediately bedded in (is this the “memo foam” doing its job?). They lace up easily and snugly and stay laced up, which is always the sign of a good boot.

While the sole is stuff and grippy, the upper somehow manages to “give” so that you feel as though you are wearing a trainer style boot yet with a great deal more underfoot confidence. Is this the “flexible fit” outer shell that Mammut have created?

And for a mountain-ready boot, these feel really light. The weight of a size 11 is 1456g so these boots are lighter than many others in the summer mountain hiking genre.

I took the Mammut T Advanced GTX for a few hikes, and one in particular was on a damp and muddy-ish Scottish mountain. The ascent was surprisingly light and easy going, while the descending felt grippy and confident.

Mammut T Advanced GTX soleThe Vibram Scale sole is new to me. But whoever thought it up has come up with a good design. On damp rock, in mud and on slippery stones the boots did the perfect job of keeping me steady and upright, even on steep descents. I am not always the most confident walking descender but the Mammut boots where great.

I haven’t worn the boots for hundreds of miles so I can’t say if they will withstand everything that summer Scottish hiking can throw at them but the rubber features on the toe and forefoot of the boots look good quality and should hold the boots together even after lots of wear.

If there is a downside to the boots it is that they are suited to just one type of walking. They should be reserved for summer hiking on mountains. They would not be great for leisurely trail walking and they would not suit winter hiking. But, then again, most boots these days fit into a specific category so this isn’t a huge complaint.

I also found the boots to be a bit wide for my super-slim foot. Most people with a normal width foot would find them to be an excellent fit I imagine. I found the UK 8 to be a bit longer than normal so you might get away with a half size less.

The Mammut T Advanced GTX come in size UK 6.5-12 for men and UK 3.5-9 for women.

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