Mammut men’s Broad Peak Light Jacket and women’s Miva Light Jacket

Mammut broad peak jacket

The men’s Broad Peak Light Jacket and women’s Miva Light Jacket from Mammut join the new range of super-lightweight and very warm down jackets.

There’s a trend just now for super lightweight (or “featherlight”) down jackets that are also water resistant. The latest offering comes from Mammut in the shape of the men’s Broad Peak Light Jacket and women’s Miva Light Jacket.

Weighing just 280g and 250g respectively these jackets really are very light indeed. Picking one up feels like you’re lifting up a t-shirt and when you put it on there is a strange “boy, this is incredibly light” sensation. It’s not a bad feeling, just, well, oh-so-light.

The insulation fill of the jackets is 40g 850 fill (EU) goose down of 90% down, and 10% feathers. This is impressive given the weightlessness of the jacket.

One of the biggest problems with down fill jackets over the years has been their uselessness when wet. As soon as down gets wet it clumps up and offers much less warmth. Now, however, many brands are introducing down jackets with water-resistant outers. The Mummut jackets come with a built in layer of water-resistant Pertex® Quantum so the top-notch warmth of the down fill will also do its job.

The Mammut Broad Peak Light Jacket and Miva Light Jacket can be worn effectively as a mid layer on almost any day of the year and as an outer layer in most conditions except in a very heavy downpour.

On test: Mammut Miva Light jacket

mammut-miva-light-jacketThis jacket might feel like a lightweight but it offers great warmth. The athletic fit means that the jacket fits quite snugly to your body and where there is a gap between your baselayer and the jacket, a layer of warmth builds up really nicely.

On a not-too-cold day, this jacket is perfect as an outer layer. If you need more warmth, add another base layer and if it’s windy or raining heavily pop a waterproof jacket over the top. When it’s very cold I add another down jacket over the top of the mid-layer down jacket.

The Mammut jacket does deal with light rain pretty well. The droplets roll off.  I wouldn’t recommend for heavy rain but advise putting on a more robust waterproof jacket over the top

Two front sipped pockets are perfect for keeping hands toasty and elastic seams under the arms offer improved freedom of movement if you’re planning to go climbing or skiing while wearing the jacket.

Looks do count these days in outdoors clothing and this jacket has a good design. It fits neatly and stylishly and the arms and torso are plenty long enough even if you’re above average height. The colour choice is fantastic for both men and women.

Helpfully, this jacket can be stowed in one of its pockets when not in use. It packs down into a palm-sized ball (if you have big hands). The only small issue I found was that the zip was a little tricky to undo when zipped up inside the pocket. The back-to-front zipper isn’t ideal.

And I would have liked to have a hood on the jacket. Again it wouldn’t be a deal breaker but I do like a hood on insulated jackets.

RRP is £175. See

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