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Looking for ski goggles to suit a range of weathers? These are worth checking out.

What do you look for when buying a pair of ski goggles? The first things for me are fit and comfort. I want the flexibility of wearing my goggles over a helmet and also, on occasion, without a helmet.

They need to be comfortable against my face and stay so for the whole skiing day. I also need the goggles to fit over my everyday specs. They should not fog up and if they also look cool then that’s a bonus.

So, I am looking for quite a lot when choosing new ski goggles!

I had heard good things about Julbo and decided to give the Titan OTG goggles a try.

Julbo Titan OTG goggles


  • Anti-fog coating
  • Air flow and ventilated lens
  • Anatomic frame
  • Easy clip and silicone strap
  • Symmetrical adjustment
  • Dual soft foam
  • OTG (over the glasses) foam
  • Spherical lens.

Julbo sell seven different types of OTG (Over The Glasses) goggles. They boast of being anti-fog. They claim to be designed to be a good fit and they can be worn over a ski helmet, or not. Changing the size of the strap is easy, so they say.

And on top of this, the Julbo goggles have photochromic lenses that adjust according to the light. This sounded liked a revelation to me. Most goggles are suited either to bright light or flat light, or else they come with lenses that can be swapped in and out depending on whether the sun is out or behind the clouds.

The Julbo Titan goggles are sold with a photochromic lens. There are different types of photochromic lenses:

  • Photochromic lenses 2 to 4 lenses for dull to bright conditions.
  • Photochromic lenses 1 to 3 lenses for very dull to less bright weather.
  • Photochromic and anti glare 2 to 3 lenses
  • Polarising and photochromic 2 to 4 lenses.

web_julbo titan goggles
Looks matter, too, and I like the size and style of the Titans. It seems that the G-Force also liked the look of the goggles so when skiing in America he wore them more than me!

More recently my friend Ellen borrowed the Julbo Titan goggles, which means they have been tested by a variety of skiers.

On test: Julbo Titan OTG goggles

As Julbo claims, the Titan goggles really are comfortable to wear. A thin cut-out in the foam allows them to fit neatly over the legs of glasses, which is perfect for me. When the G-Force and Ellen borrowed the goggles they found they fitted well, too. We each have different sized heads but the goggles were suitable for all.

I also found the field of vision to be good. In the Titans, I felt I could see much better and across a wider range of field than other goggles that I have tried.

The goggles are also easy to put on and adjust. I wear mine over a helmet with a big furry cover (a snow husky, if you are interested!), while the G-Force wears them over a basic helmet. Ellen wore them over her smaller, neater helmet. We have found it easy to swap the goggles around and quickly adjust them.

The silicone strap means that the strap stays put on the smoother surface of the helmet, even Ellen’s shiny helmet.

How many times have you spent seemingly forever trying to adjust the straps of goggles to fit with a one-sided adjustor? The Julbo goggles have an adjustment that works symmetrically, which is great.


And the best thing? The goggles did not fog or steam up. The lens is ventilated so they stayed really clear in all conditions. I wore them while the G-Force had on other goggles and when his fogged up the Titans remained clear. (This could be why he then “borrowed” the goggles to wear for the rest of the holiday!)

The photochromic lens worked well, too. The change in shade is not massively noticeable to the on-looker but when wearing them they adjust according to the weather conditions.

We had sunshine, overcast and snowy days while skiing in America and in France and in all these conditions the goggles did a good job.

I think they work best in sunnier and lighter conditions although Ellen was still impressed on cloudier days. She said: “These goggles are far better than any others I have worn. I found they worked well in both dull and brighter conditions. It’s such a good idea to have lenses that change to suit the weather.”

The G-Force, who has worn goggles specifically suited to dull, flat light (these are usually light yellow or orange, gave his opinion. “The Titan goggles suit a range of conditions but I think that in really flat light there are better lenses. There are also goggles with lenses that are better suited to very bright and sunny days. But as a pair of compromise goggles that avoid the fuss of having to change goggles or lenses on the slopes the Julbo’s a really good.”

See Julbo for more details. The goggles cost around £120 depending on the lenses from Snow Inn.

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