Ecco Biom trekking and hiking boots


Comfort and quick-drying leather are among the attractions of Ecco Biom boots, says Daniele Carotenuto.

Born in Denmark more than 50 years ago, Ecco is today one of the most important shoe enterprises, with more than 20 million pairs sold worldwide each year. The brand’s priorities are comfort durability and innovation, with great attention lavished on the whole production process, from design to assembly.

The Biom boots are inspired by the natural motion of walking. The cushions and anatomical shape allow the foot to stay in a natural position. The yak leather used for these boots performs much better in the wet than cow leather, and it’s also said to last three times as long; the Gore-Tex linings help to keep the feet completely dry.

Main features

  • Natural motion technology
  • Outer material: Hydromax yak leather
  • Gore-tex® interlining
  • 3-layer sandwich inlay sole of Cambrelle
  • Outsole: Rugged rubber
  • Weight: 1.470g

On test

On long walk I want my boots to be comfortable and have a good grip. I found these Ecco Biom boots did the job perfectly.

The first thing I noticed after the first 40 minutes of real use was the heat. The Gore-Tex lining and the padding are clearly intended for cold environments and my feet have been warmer than ever. During the week I spent testing them I walked a mix of different paths, streets, wet fields, small hills, rough woodlands and slippery surfaces. It was amazing to see how much quicker the Hydromax yak leather dried compared to other boots I have owned. The boots became very dark when wet, but even under a heavy amount of water my feet stayed at the same temperature.

I was unsure about the comfort at first as I felt the tip a bit sloppy, but the boots gave very good support to my ankles and the extra space on the front allowed the toes to expand and stretch properly, and that’s what the “natural motion” should be. After a couple of weeks I believed any shoe should be made like that.
I should mention that the grip is probably not perfect on icy surfaces. none the less I managed to walk safely without crampons, just with some extra care.

These are easily in the top three pairs of walking boots I have ever had and I’m hoping their longevity will confirm their quality.

RRP £140

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3 comments on “Ecco Biom trekking and hiking boots
  1. Dana Allen says:

    I have a pair of the ladies, biom hydro-max, yak leather boot (like in the photo above but for ladies). I will be trekking around Machu Picchu, the Amazon rain forest and the Galapagos Islands, as well as some of the major cities in South America. Are these boots appropriate for the hot weather? I only wear mine in the English mild winter and not in the summer. If they are too hot to wear in the summer, is there an ladies\’ walking boot for the summer use that you would reccomend?

  2. Sandy Frame says:

    bought a pair of these 15months ago, Yes they are comfortable but both boots have burst where the leather meets the rubber toe protecter at sole level. There is no leather under the toe cap and the strength here lies on the weld in the rubber. They have burst where the foot bends. So disappointed. I have other boots, e.g. my Mammuts have been going strong for several years, do more work than the Ecco and are still perfect.

  3. Neil Braidwood says:

    Really sorry to hear this. We’ve been wearing ours for the same amount of time and they seem fine. We will pass your comment along to Ecco – but it sounds like it could be a fault…


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