E-Case waterproof phone and tablet covers


When it’s wet outdoors, how do you keep your precious gadgets dry while you walk, ski, ride, or run? With an E-Case.

I have damaged two mobile phones while enjoying time outdoors. One phone was ruined by sweat while cycling (I had it in a pocket next to my skin). Another phone was drowned by heavy rain while walking.

After that, I took to putting my phone in a plastic bag when outdoors, but a bag is not completely watertight and when you want to use the phone you have to take it out of the bag.

Now I keep it in a specially created E-Case. The E-Case products include the i-Series for keeping products, including iPhones, iPads and e-readers, fully dry when outdoors in rain or snow.

They include a waterproof and integrated headphone jack. You can also use the phone as you normally would for taking calls, messaging or taking photographs.

There’s also an E-Case i-Series multisport iPod/iPhone armband case that is perfect for use while running, for example if you like to listen to music. The armband attachment allows you to pop it on to your arm when running.

Seal LineThe E-Case e-Series offers a similar range of products but with extra water protection as they can be fully submersed, so these are useful for times when you might be close to the sea, rivers, lochs, swimming pools or, for example, when kayaking.

All E-case features include:

  • Fully waterproof and sweatproof protection
  • Integrated, waterproof headphone jack that works with headphone wire controls
  • Touchscreen-compatible window to allow full use of device inside the case
  • One-step, waterproof SealLock zipper, plus rugged RF-welded seams
  • PVC-free materials

 E-case iPhone armband also has:

  • Lightweight, neoprene cushion band that fits biceps 10” to 14.2”
  • Key pocket on band
  • Reflective logo

E-Case e-Series also has:

  • Ability to be fully submersed. It has been tested to meet IPX7 standard, which means it withstands submersion in a metre of water for 30 minutes.
E-Case iPad cover.

E-Case iPad cover.

The iPad cases come with:
“Die-cut lash points” for tethering. This means they have useful cut-outs at the four corners so you can attach the iPad to the front of a kayak or yacht. This would be useful when using a digital map.
The E-Case fits all generations of iPhone and iPod devices, and similar-sized devices, such as a GPS Garmin. Note, however, that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5s and 6 does not work through the E-Case protective windows so you need to use the usual password unlock.

E-Cases for iPhone and iPad on test

I have been using the E-Case multisport iPod/iPhone armband case and the e-Series iPad case with jack.
Unlike some other cases that do not fill me with confidence about the waterproofing, or else fall apart after a few uses, the E-Cases are well designed and robustly constructed.

The cases are made a little bigger than the phone or tablet themselves to allow for the durable and waterproof construction. This means they are not super neat but I’d prefer a little bulk if it means my phone will stay safe and dry.

It is a wee bit fiddly trying to get the device into the case with it plugged into the external jack but once inside the fit is fairly snug and the seal clips together reassuringly.

The seal in the opening of the cases creates an excellent water barrier and there is a strong Velcro fastener as an additional seal on the armband version. It all feels very confidence boosting.

The plastic see-through front of the cases allows you to use the touch screen of the housed device as you normally would. This does work pretty well. I wouldn’t want to write an essay using the touch screen through the clear front but it’s fine for short messages and phone numbers.

All the phone cases, except the armband, allow you to make normal phone calls. (I don’t suppose you would be taking a call if you were out for a run and listening to music.)

The cases, except the armband, also allow you to take photos while the device is still in the case.

The headphone jack works well and offers good sound clarity.

It shouldn’t really matter what the cases look like on such a practical product but it is great that the colours are so cool. The cases come in purple, orange, lime green, pink and blue, as well as black.

When I checked out the prices of the cases I was surprised to find that many retail for less than £20. Given how well made these cases are I think they are good value for money. They are not the neatest looking but they offer good waterproofing and funkiness without breaking the bank.

The e-Cases are a Cascade design product and you can search for on-line retailers on this site. You can buy the cases from Amazon with prices starting from around £15.

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