Darn Tough socks

Darn Tough socks

Guaranteed for life – that’s a big promise. Darn Tough make socks that they claim will last a very long time indeed.

Apparently, it’s all down to the secret stitching method that allows Darn Tough to make socks with an amazing 1,441 stitches per square inch. This is a lot of stitching and you might expect the socks to feel like armour, but they don’t. They actually feel lovely and soft against the skin.

Darn Tough only make socks. Nothing else. Just socks. The family-owned company has been making socks for almost four decades so you would expect they know a thing or two about what works in sock making.

Ten years ago, the company launched Darn Tough Vermont, which, as you might imagine, is based in Vermont,  United States. This means that the company has the perfect mountainous playground nearby for testing their sock range, including walking, running, cycling and skiing.

Now Darn Tough socks are making their way into UK shops.

What makes Darn Tough socks so tough?

Darn Tough socks black High-density knitting: The more stitches there are per inch the more durable the socks will be. Darn Tough socks also offer cushioning without bulk.

Performance fit: Features of Darn Tough socks includes form-fitting toe boxes, sculpted heel pockets and knit-in elastic support at the arch.

Merino wool: Comfort, breathability and non-odour merino wool.

Coolmax: Not everyone likes wool, so Darn Tough have created an “exclusive Coolmax blend” to create a sock with “exceptional softness, durability and superior moisture management”.

Darn Tough socks also boast ribbed knit for a better fit; ribbed ankle support to prevent slipping, bunching and blisters; elastic arch support; and ring toe construction for a comfortable invisible seam.

This is a lot of design and knitting in the form of a sock but if you like your feet to be comfortable while walking, running, skiing or cycling then it’s worth investing in good socks.

Review of Darn Tough socks

I have been wearing Darn Tough No Show Tab Ultralight running socks and I have tested Darn Tough Function Five Over the Calf Cushion Ski Socks during a real snow skiing lesson at the Snow Factor, Braehead, near Glasgow.

No Show Tab Ultralight Running Socks 

The No Show running socks have the Darn Tough “lifetime guarantee”. I am almost hoping that I wear them out just so I can see what happens but so far they look like new each time I wear them (after washing and drying). These socks also have:

  • Seamless construction
  • Fine gauge merino wool
  • Streamlined fit
  • 1,441 stitches per square inch for comfort and durability.

They are made of 71% merino wool, 27% nylon, 2% Lycra spandex.

They are very, very comfortable and I have found the fit and cushioning a bonus when running off-road in my non-cushioned Inov-8 trainers. I like an off-road trainer that is non-cushioned because I prefer to feel the ground beneath my feet but I do like my socks to offer a bit of comfort. The Darn Tough socks work really well.

The socks have been put through their paces with mud and dirt but they still wash beautifully and have not shrunk or become mis-shapen after more than five wears and washes. The seamless design means that there is no toe pain or irritation. This I like very much.

Function Five Over the Calf Cushion Ski Socks

If you thought ski socks were just tubes of comfy fabric, think again. That’s what they once were. These days a ski sock offers cushioning and support in all the right places so that wearing ski boots is so much more comfortable. Even Darn Tough admit: “We seriously geeked out when designing this sock.”

Their goal was to create the “perfect fusion between boot and sock”. The socks have five precisely located comfort pads that diminish pressure points, including:

  • Shin padding to avoid “shin bang”
  • Achilles padding to reduce heel lift
  • A pad zone to protect the top of the foot from second buckle pressure.

The ski socks are made with 62% merino wool so they are warm when temperatures drop on the piste.

Even while wearing ski hire boots (these can be notoriously uncomfortable) my feet and ankles were amazingly comfortable. And despite being indoors on a real snow slope, the temperature was low. But my feet still remained warm. Again, these socks have a lifetime guarantee so they make a great investment.

Darn Tough summed up

With so many different brands of socks and styles to choose from these days it is difficult to pick a top sock but the Darn Tough socks do seem to be of great quality. And if the “no quibble” lifetime guarantee is true you could be investing in a pair of socks that you pay for only once – and for life.

Keep an eye on favourite retailers for an incoming range of Darn Tough socks.

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