Brunton mobile phone chargers

Brunton Mobile Chargers

Stay in touch while out on the hills with the right portable gadget.

Like a waterproof jacket or a good pair of walking boots, a mobile phone is a must-have for most outdoors adventures. Not only do we rely on our smartphones for making calls, we also use them for navigating, taking photographs and using outdoors apps.

But all this phone use can drain the battery. Increasingly, I find my iPhone has decharged within only a few hours – and especially when using it as a GPS device.

While it is usually possible to survive without a mobile phone, there are times when a lack of contact can be dangerous. If you end up in an emergency situation in a remote spot, a mobile phone can be your only lifeline for navigating to safety and/or making an emergency call. You should always have a map and compass with you, but people are becoming increasingly reliant on their phones for navigation.

Many people carry a spare store of energy for their phone in the shape of a portable charger. Brunton is one company leading the way in mobile power technology.

Brunton’s phone charger range

Brunton is a forward-thinking outdoors gadgets innovator, which has brought a range of robust smartphone chargers to the marketplace. These can be carried in a rucksack or pocket and used to recharge a phone.

The Brunton power chargers are small and durable and are created for people who like to be outdoors for a day, overnight or even a few days and nights.

Brunton Pulse 1500

Brunton Pulse 1500 charger

Weighing less than a small bar of soap, the Brunton Pulse 1500 is small and handy. Despite its size the charger will give your smartphone one full recharge.

If you are away from electricity for longer than a day and need to charge the Pulse itself, you can also make use of the sun and recharge the charger with the Brunton Solaris 4 solar powered panel.

It’s clear that Brunton have thought about all kinds of tricky no-electricity occasions. The Brunton Pulse costs £30 and is available in orange, yellow and white from

Brunton metal 4400

Brunton Metal 4400 charger

Still compact in size, measuring 5.3cm x 2.5cm x 1.7cm, the Brunton Metal 4400 is robust and water-resistant and the kind of product you can pop in a pocket or your rucksack and forget about until you need it.

The 4400 charger has enough energy stored to offer up to four times the charge required for the average smartphone. It costs £50 from

Brunton reactor

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

This charger, which we’ve looked at once before, is for times when you are off-grid – and most likely for several days in a row. While some chargers will rely on the sun or wind to create energy, the clever Hydrogen Reactor makes energy through the process of oxygen in the air reacting with a safe form of hydrogen in the internal cores.

Each core cell is twice as large as an AA battery and will deliver around 9000mAh, which is enough to charge an iPhone six times. The Brunton Hydrogen can also recharge a GPS, UV purifier, head torch battery or video camera.

There is zero discharge in this innovative product so once charged you can simply leave it in your rucksack for when you need it. Priced £129 from

Also see Brunton for other gadgets.

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