Brug 4 stars

Clever rug that converts to a bag to carry your stuff.

We’ve all been there – out at the beach and you just can’t be bothered to pack away all the balls, buckets, spades and picnic dishes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just gather the whole lot together in the rug you’ve been sitting on?

Well, now the Brug (bag/rug) has been created to allow you to do just that. It’s a rug, but becomes a bag when you need it to be. It allows you to reduce the amount of bags you take outdoors, because the rug is the bag!

The Brug was developed by friends and business partners Dominique King and Melissa McConnell after speaking to parents with young children who need all the help they can get. It’s a simple idea (aren’t the best ones always simple?).


  • 750g
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Rug size: 150cm x 150cm
  • Volume as bag: 40l
  • Water resistant

web_beach brug

On test
We liked the idea of this Scottish invention, so we were looking forward to trying the Brug out in earnest. It comes in its own carrybag – for storage when not in use. The colours are nice and bright (navy with orange trim), and it looks well made. It folds up pretty compact due to the material being quite thin. As a rug it’s easily big enough for four posteriors to comfortably position themselves on each corner with room for a picnic in the middle. Being polyester, it’s water resistant – to spills on the top-side and to a certain extent on the reverse side from wet grass. It marked quite easily though – with grass scuffs, paw prints and the like, so we felt hard use would see this in the washing machine a lot. On wet grass, it didn’t perform all that well. Although the material kept the moisture at bay for a while, it was only a matter of time before the wet grass seeped up through the double layer of polyester. The Brug makes no claim to being waterproof – just water resistant, so as long as you keep this in mind when you’re using it. We think washing it with Nikwax or similar might give it better water repellency. That said, it’s great on the beach – just stick to the dry areas.
The bag part is pretty easy – just shove your stuff in the middle and draw the pull cords at either end to gather up the material so you don’t lose anything, clip together across the middle and then zip the other sides together, encasing all your kit in an easy to carry shoulder bag. We wouldn’t like to overfill it with really heavy stuff – the handles look sturdy, but we didn’t test them that hard.

We’re hoping to see more colours in the future, but an optional extra is having your Brug monogrammed – for an extra £12 you can have 14 letters woven into the rug so you never lose it!

RRP: £63 from the Wunderlife website. At the moment there is 20% off plus free postage.

Photographs by Ena May.

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