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There’s safety and there’s also looking cool. That’s why more mountain bike riders are opting for Bern lids.

Bern is renowned for its trendy looking helmets for skate, BMX, ski and mountain biking. In the MTB range you’ll find a women’s Lenox EPS Helmet and a men’s Watt EPS Helmet.

If you are wondering, as I was, the EPS refers to the impact-absorbing EPS expanded polystyrene liner. (Bern also make non-EPS snowboard helmets but they’re not certified for bicycle use).

The ABS outer hardshell will fend off knocks that might bruise a regular cycling helmet’s microshell top layer.

The Lenox is the twin sister to the Watts, and is designed for a smaller female head. The colours are also deemed to be more “feminine”. I am not sure I need a girlie looking MTB helmet but I guess other women might disagree.

The helmet has a built-in sun visor and seven curved vents on the top of the helmet.

These helmets have a different look to a road helmet. They offer greater hardshell coverage and less ventilation. The aim is a greater area of protection because mountain bikers are more likely to take a fall, as well as lots of comfort and more style.

I confess, to start with, I felt like I was wearing a pony riding helmet. The look is similar but I understand that for improved safety there needs to be a bigger and more robust shell.

Certainly, the women’s Bern Lenox helmet offers this. The shell is super hard and rigid but not ridiculously heavy. It offers coverage from halfway down the forehead to the top of the neck and all around the top, back and sides of the head.

I felt as though my head would be far better protected if I fell of my bike when wearing this Bern MTB helmet.

The inner cushioning offers a firm but comfy fit, which is also adjustable via a CrankFit dial. The snap-in fitting allows the liner to be removable for hand-washing, which is a good idea.

bern helmet detail

It’s also possible to swap the helmet’s original liner for a warmer winter liner (purchased separately).

Bern call this a “sink fit” to emphasise the helmet’s deep-surround feel and to describe how a Bern helmet wraps around, rather than perches on top of, the head.

I am used to wearing a super lightweight, highly vented, perch-on-top road bike helmet so it was a big leap wearing the Bern helmet with its all-surround fit and 476g weight. It did take a wee bit of time before I began to forget about it being on my head.

But I did feel a lot safer wearing this compared to my road cycling helmet for mountain biking.

I think I might prefer a darker shade because the white stands out a bit too much, although this isn’t a bad thing just personal choice. Certainly, the helmet matches the style of riding off-road far more than my sleek road helmet.

I would like a few more vent holes for summer riding, although for winter cycling it’s perfect and I did not feel the need to add in a winter warmer liner.

See Bern Unlimited for more details. Buy for £54.99 at Edinburgh Bicycle Coop.

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