Berghaus Antelao Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Berghaus Antelao Jacket Reviewed

The Berghaus Antelao waterproof jacket is one of a range of products launched with the new Gore-Tex Pro fabric

Like many leading brands, Berghaus has been keen to launch a range of autumn winter 2013/14 waterproof garments made with the new Gore-Tex Pro fabric. The Antelao waterproof jacket is aimed at those who like to get outdoors in tough to extreme weather conditions.

The name Antelao comes from Monte Antelao, the highest mountain in the eastern Dolomites.

With a price tag of £320 shoppers will be expecting a high-quality jacket, and one that stands a lot of use and time spent in the great outdoors.

What Berghaus says about the Antelao jacket

“A highly versatile outer layer suited to the mountains all year round – whether it’s mountaineering, hiking or skiing. The jacket has been built with a host of performance-enhancing features including pit zips with YKK AquaGuard® zips, three-zipped pockets, a detachable snow skirt and an adjustable full mountain hood with peak. The jacket weighs approximately 491g.”

Berghaus Antelao jacket on test

I am keen on details when it comes to waterproof jackets:

  • I like a women’s fit that that looks flattering but isn’t too tight.
  • I need the torso and arm length to suit my height (5ft 9in) and long arms.
  • The hood must stay up and provide good coverage even when it’s wet and windy.
  • Zipped pockets are a must.
  • And while I rarely use pit zips having them there as an option gives me the comfort of knowing I can wear this jacket in very cold conditions and times when it feels a little warmer (such as when hill walking on lower slopes).

This Berghaus jacket ticks all these boxes. It also has an inner zipped pocket and the contrasting black with lime green zips looks stunning. These last two details are not vital when choosing a jacket but they do add to the overall appeal. (There is a pinky red colour scheme in this range, too, but I really like the black and green.)

The jacket practicals

photoMost important is waterproofing and breathability. It’s obvious, I know, but when spending £320 on a waterproof jacket you want a product that is very waterproof and brilliantly breathable.

Of course, it helps that the jacket on test is brand new. When walking in heavy rain the raindrops simply rolled off the fabric. It was extremely effective at keeping out even torrential rain that wind-buffeted me at high levels. (Scotland is often blasted by heavy rain and wind and I managed to get out in the jacket when the conditions were perfect for testing waterproof jackets!).

The zips at the jacket front and pockets also remained watertight and the hood worked a treat. I wear glasses so it’s important that the hood peak shields my glasses.

Breathability is said to be 10 to 27% better than the former Gore-Tex Pro Shell. It is impossible to compare this unless you are wearing the same jacket on the same day in the same circumstances. However, I have been very impressed with the Gore-Tex Pro in terms of sweat management. I usually wear a Merino tee and a long-sleeved baselayer under my waterproof jacket. I never felt the sweat from my body – which I was presumably building up by walking briskly up a Scottish mountain – on my skin, even when I stopped for lunch, so it’s likely the Gore-Tex Pro fabric was allowing it to escape.

This is the result you want. In contrast, a jacket that prevents the sweat from escaping will cause the wearer to end up cold and damp.

The addition of a removable (it’s zipped in) snow skirt is a great idea. If you are going ski mountaineering or skiing, you’ll have the added security of keeping snow out of the inside of your jacket. I like this extra feature because it means that the jacket is more versatile and can be used for a number of different activities.

Conclusion: Berghaus Antelao jacket

There is little to dislike about the Antelao jacket. £320 is a large sum to spend on one item but it looks to be made of very high quality and durable fabric and because you can wear the jacket across a number of different activities it will be well used.

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