Berghaus VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible jacket

The Berghaus VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible jacket offers two jackets in one.

Every outdoors brand is keen to create a new and innovative product that will attract more buyers. It’s obvious really, but in an industry already bursting with so many clothing items it’s rare anything is that different.

That said, the new Berghaus VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible jacket did catch my attention because it promises two mid-layer jackets for the price of one.

On first looks, there is nothing fancy about this jacket in terms of design. It’s a straightforward insulated mid-layer jacket. It is stripped down in terms of weight (167g for a men’s large) and has no pockets or fancy features. The hems and cuffs are simply elasticated and the jacket does not have a hood.


However, this HyperTherm jacket does offer a new concept: reversibility and two different warmths. If you wear the jacket with one side as the outer you’ll benefit from greater windproofing, as well as water repellency. This side of the jacket is a wind-resistant AF™ shell that is designed to keep cool breezes out and trap body heat in.

With the other side of the jacket on the outside, the wearer benefits from greater air permeability, which therefore reduces the amount of body heat trapped and allows for a cooler and more comfortable feeling.

The jacket is filled with Berghaus’s synthetic HydroTherm insulation, which keeps you warm even when it’s wet.

What all this means is the jacket can be worn at different times of the day, when it is cooler or warmer, and when taking part in different activities, for example walking fast or standing at the bottom of a crag belaying a climbing friend.

The Berghaus VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible jacket also packs down very small, into its own bag. The bag has a handy strap so you could carry it in your hand when not wearing it.

It’s a great concept and a handy two-in-one idea. My only quibble is the length of the sleeves. I found them quite short, although I do have long arms.

Berghaus Men’s VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible jacket and Berghaus Women’s VapourLight HyperTherm Reversible Jacket are priced £120.

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