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Berghaus 4 stars
As runners go, Don Currie is a 20-mile-a-week lightweight, making him an appropriate reviewer for this almost weightless waterproof jacket.

There are times when you really feel like a run, but the torrential rain really doesn’t feel like stopping any time soon. At such times I have been known, in desperation, to go out in my standard walking jacket, even though it probably looks a bit odd, reaching halfway down my thighs and making a crinkly noise as I pump those arms.

No need to resort to that now – I have the ideal jacket for the job. The Berghaus Hyper Jacket, has three main qualities.
1. It’s waterproof. I’ve used mine in some serious downpours and it’s repelled everything the heavens can throw at it.
2. It’s light. 100 grams, to be exact, which is little more than a large Elastoplast on your knee.
3. It’s compact. When not in use, the jacket scrunches up into a tiny drawstring bag supplied for the purpose, which can then go in the pocket of your shorts.

web_Berghaus packed

It also has several less important, but still welcome, qualities.
1. It’s stylish. Mine is blue and dark blue with red trim, and the alternative is green and dark green with yellow trim. Both look rather classy and could conceivably be worn to the pub. Well, some pubs, anyway.
2. It’s breathable. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you don’t perspire, and this material allows for some of that sweat to evaporate.
3. It has a hood to keep your head dry, though if you’re not bothered about your head the hood can roll up and be retained by a loop.

The Berghaus Hyper Jacket is designed for any fast-moving trail activities. It could doubtless be worn by mountain bikers, but I’d say runners would be main market. Berghaus say the jacket has “everything you need and nothing that you don’t”. I wouldn’t dispute that, but it’s worth noting that “things you don’t need” include pockets. Nothing has been included that would push that weight up, but pockets would be superfluous anyway, since you’ll have some kind of small pocket in your shorts for the front door key.
web_Hyper jacket - dark blue
It has a nice, soft, supple, comfortable feel a million miles away from that of an old-style cagoule.

It comes with the Berghaus Lifetime Guarantee – though do note that the lifetime in question is not yours, but the time you could reasonably expect such a product to last.

Personally I also quite like the fact that Berghaus, despite the German-sounding name, is a British brand, founded 50 years ago and based in Sunderland, north-east England, although the jacket is made in Indonesia.

Berghaus Hyper Jacket £120. See the Berghaus website. Enter our photography competition to be in with a chance to win one!

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