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The new BBB Signal bike lights are small, neat, easy to fit and very bright.

Have you heard about BBB Cycling or seen their products? It’s a Dutch company, founded by two former professional riders, Chris Koppert and Frank Moons, almost two decades ago.

Over the years, their innovative no-nonsense and created-for-the-task cycling clothes and accessories have gained a strong following across Europe and now they are catching on in the UK.

I have tested a few of their products and I like the way they do exactly what they say on the packaging.

A new product for 2014 is BBB Signal bike lights.

BBB rear light real sizeBBB have used LED lighting technology to create some popular lights including the Scope 800 and 1300 for riders who want to see what is ahead on dark roads and trails.
And their USB-chargeable Spark front and rear lights, brought out in 2013, have been a hit with cycling commuters who want a simple, bright and re-chargeable bike light.

Now the Signal front and rear bike lights offer a step up. The small, compact and lightweight bike lights are rechargeable, easy to fit to your bike and very, very bright. They are even bright in daylight.

The lights come with a universal mini-USB port for recharging. Once fully charged you’ll get hours of after-dark riding. I charge mine via my computer.

Front light at night

The StrapMount silicone strap allows the Signals to be mounted almost anywhere on your bike or a bag – and you can position horizontally or vertically.

This easy-to-fit system is one that I really like because it’s simple to move the lights between different bikes and take them off and with you when you leave the bike parked in public.

You can also get the strap tight enough for the lights to stay put. Some similar systems do not work well with heavier lights and move around a lot when you ride on rough roads. The BBB lights are lightweight and stay put.

There are three levels of brightness from the super-bright white COB LED: Low beam, standard beam and high beam.

Each light weighs only 30g and is 7cm x 2.4cm by 1.6cm.

The lights are each priced at £27.95 or £49.85 for a set of two. See UK distributor Windwave. Also see BBBcycling.

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