Asolo Revert GV walking boots


These walking boots have been put through their paces on some very wet and muddy hikes.

It has been wet lately. And when I am walking I prefer to have dry feet. So at this time of year (autumn and winter) I look for robust walking boots that offer good levels of waterproofing.

photo (59)But, of course, you have no idea if they really will be waterproof until you are out there, in the wet.

Over the last few weeks I have put a pair of three-season Asolo Revert GV walking boots, with water-resistant suede upper and a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining, to the ultimate test.

I have walked through lots and lots of Scottish rain, numerous puddles, general boggy wetness and all-round autumnal sogginess.

The Asolo Revert GVs have kept my feet dry. There hasn’t been a single patch of wetness.

Men's Asolo Revert GV walking boots

Men’s Asolo Revert GV walking boots

Apart from the great waterproofing, the boots boast Asolo’s patented Radiant Asolo/Vibram sturdy outsole for mountain walking, as well as self-cleaning lugs designed for optimum performance on varying types of terrain.
The lacing system is a classic format and there’s the addition of a toe rubber cap.

While the men’s Reverts comes in green, brown or blue, the women’s are created in grey, green or pretty pinky-purple.

At first I wasn’t sure about the pinky-purple but sometimes it’s nice to have a sturdy outdoors product in a girlie hue. And, in any case, after a few miles on a wet and muddy hillside, the boots have become an off-pinky-purpley colour!

Women's Asolo Revert GV walking boots

Women’s Asolo Revert GV walking boots

The boots feel sturdy enough for autumn and winter walking, even at higher levels. They grip well on rock and in mud. They are stiff enough to be used with a strap-on crampon so I will more than likely wear these in most winter conditions.

I also found the insulation in the boots to be sufficient for chilly days. Admittedly, it has not been super cold yet so only time will tell as to whether they are suitable for sub-zero conditions and snow or ice.

I like the fit of the boots. I have a long and narrow foot and the women’s UK8.5 is still sufficiently narrow enough for my feet. There is a little too much volume for me but most people with “ordinary” feet will like the fit.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 20.48.56The lacing system allows for a good hold on the foot. I have one criticism, however, which is the fabric loop below the top two lacing clips. In my last well-worn boots this snapped and it has meant that the boots are now unwearable. I imagine they could be fixed but this seems like a bit of poor design (or just bad luck?).

The other attraction of these boots is the weight. They are far lighter than leather boots and one of the lightest three season boots I’ve worn.

See Asolo for more details and buy for around £131 to £150 from various outlets including Sports Shoes and Simply Hike.

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2 comments on “Asolo Revert GV walking boots
  1. MSadurski says:

    You suggested (a couple of times) these boots suit for winter walks.
    Officially Asolo describes them as summer-only boots.

    • Neil Braidwood says:

      We say they “feel” sturdy enough for winter walks – but right at the outset we do mention that they are three season boots. Sorry if this has led to confusion.


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