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This cosy merino hoodie is pricey – but Neil Braidwood thinks you get what you pay for.

Norwegian underwear experts Aclima have been in the business of keeping us warm since 1939. With such extreme weather, they have perfected the art of looking good and keeping cosy and dry.

As Aclima tend to focus on underwear, most of their products are never seen, so this range of WoolShell clothing, which comprises this jacket, a gilet and trousers, looked really interesting.

The WoolShell is a merino wool fleece with a polyester coating on the outer face, which gives the fabric smoothness, durability and water resistance – not to mention stretch.

CuffsThe medium size jacket was perfectly sized for me – though it is a snug, athletic fit. The sleeves are overlong, as the cuffs have thumb loops, and there’s just one pocket which takes a phone without sagging. Everything screams quality – from the luxurious feel of the fleece to the funky assymetric zipped collar.

HoodFor walking, I used this as a mid-layer, teaming it up with a thermal baselayer, and I donned a waterproof shell when it was raining. I was always kept super warm, and never felt draughts, as there’s tight elastic hugging your hips. The hood has to be the best feature, though. It is tight fitting, and the inner fleece next to your skin feels so cosy. Even in really strong winds, the hood never blew off.

FrontThere is a highly reflective logo on the back, and reflective strips following each zip line. Speaking of zips, the central zip doesn’t stop under your chin, but takes a sideways route to just below your right cheek. When zipped fully, you can cover most of your chin and all of your neck, so brilliant in high winds. There’s a wee beard catcher at the top of the zip too.

Aclima say it can be worn as an outer jacket – but I would layer up more underneath if you wanted to do this. Plus, I think I’d want a couple of other pockets if I was wearing it as a jacket.

Aclima-BlueOther features:

• reflective logo and stripes
• close-fitting hood
• thumb loops
• chest pocket

RRP £167.95

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