Vango Hurricane 200 tent

Vango Hurricane 200 Tent

Many more people are choosing to reduce the cost of overnights in Scotland’s outdoors by camping out. We review a two-man tent that is perfect for wild camping or campsite camping

On the plus-side the two-man Vango Hurricane 200 tent is a robust and roomy tent with a great-looking and sturdy geodesic design. At 4.2kg it’s not the lightest and might be a kg or so too heavy for lightweight backpacking style camping (unless you are happy to split the weight of the tent between two of you for the purposes of carrying in rucksacks) but it does offer a great tent for camping in less favourable conditions.

The Vango Hurricane 200 is easy to put up. It says it will take about 15 minutes and if you are familiar with the poles into colour-coded sleeves set up of tent erecting then you will find it pretty straightforward. Once the poles are inserted the tent magically takes shape and can then be positioned before pegging out. Even coming new to this tent it took me only 14 minutes to get set up.

The shape is geodesic, which means it’s kind of round and because of the five crossover points, it’s very sturdy. This shape is good if you prefer a little bit of head height and space to move around in the tent. If you are camping with a friend and are looing for a tent space that is roomier than the traditional A-frame tent then this is ideal.

The fabric of the outer is, to use their technical terms, Protex 5000mm Siliconised PU ripstop polyester 70D. It layman’s terms, the outer fabric looks good quality and it’s tough-feeling. The inner layer is made of a breathable ripstop fabric so is able to let out all the hot air that you breath overnight. The groundsheet has sealed seams and looks to be of great quality.

All in the detail: The Vango Hurricane 200 tent

  • There are two openings, front and back, with two sides of access.
  • Two porches, front and back, offer space for stowing kit and for cooking. One end has a bigger porch than the other.
  • Very lightweight pegs make a difference to the overall weight of this tent packed up. I am not sure what the pegs are made of but they are extremely light yet robust.

Other features include:

  • Multiple reflective points.
  • Flysheet vents with mesh covering.
  • Inner pockets for stowing smaller items.

The tent also has another plus-point because it is actually quite easy to pack away. Many tents are a struggle to stuff back into their bags but the Vango Hurricane went back in with little difficulty. There are compression straps on the bag so you can pull it all together to make as neat a pack as possible.

Where to camp in the Vango Hurricane 200 tent

Scotland’s notoriously fickle weather usually requires a three or four-season tent. Setting out on a sunny day doesn’t guarantee no rain or wind for the next few days so most people choose a tent that can cope with heavy rain and wind, even when camping in summer.

I would be happy using the tent on a campsite or wild camping, although I would not want to walk more than about five or six miles with it in my rucksack. If you split the load with a friend you could go further but there are lighter tents for backpacking on the market.

In conclusion

The Vango Hurricane 200 tent has an RRP of £300. I have seen it for sale for £250. At this price it is a good buy for people who enjoy car to camping or shorter backpacking/expedition trips. It is a robust, sturdy and high quality tent with a good degree of roominess for two people. Well worth considering. There is also a Hurricane 300 version for more people.

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