OLPRO Knightwick tent in the park


Ella Braidwood found the three person tunnel tent perfect for her first festival experience.

With T in the Park fast approaching, I felt ready for my first festival experience as soon as I had practiced pitching up the “OLPRO Knightwick” 3 berth tent in my back garden with my friends. Without initially realising the very short, simple instructions were located on the inside of the bag, we decided to take down our first attempt and do it properly, although we did a decent job even without the instructions – this tent would be no problem for regular campers. Our second try with the aid of instruction was a complete success.

k1At 6kg, the tent is quite heavy for one person to carry, so we split it between our packs for the journey. After a gruelling walk in the blistering heat, we finally reached a suitable destination to set up camp. Although our backs ached and the sun glared on, there was no time to waste and we got straight to setting up the tent. For three teenagers, who also happen to be inexperienced campers, the tent gave us no trouble at all. No arguments broke out, even under the stress of the heat. We soon had success and the tent was all set for the weekend in under fifteen minutes. If we could set up this tent, anyone can.

InnerWhen we practiced putting up the tent back home, the three of us had vowed to keep the tent as neat as possible. With allocated sections of the ‘living area’ assigned for each of us to keep our bags, and a set space for our sleeping bags in the bedroom compartment of the tent (this didn’t last for the whole weekend, of course.) The tent was roomy enough, we were all able to fit in it comfortably when we went to bed and there was room for four to sit in the living area. Although it did prove quite a difficulty for us all fighting for space to get ready for the day the next morning, as there isn’t a lot of room to stand up with the tent being 130cm tall.

Lack of sleep was unavoidable the first night due to the rowdy neighbors we had camping right by us. It seemed that people tripping up over our tent’s guy ropes was also an inevitability, but we decided the tent would survive with without our intervention, and did very well at surviving the full weekend without us fixing it, the roof began to droop slightly by the Sunday, but that was purely due to our laziness.

The weekend’s weather consisted almost entirely of me fearing sunburn – having not prepared as well as I thought – the first day was spent searching the festival’s stalls frantically for sun cream. But Saturday gave the OLPRO Knightwick a chance to prove itself under rainy conditions. Returning from the night’s headliner act completely soaked, despite having stolen a friend’s raincoat, the tent, and all of our things inside were remained dry. Whilst the tents around us weren’t looking so good, most of our friend’s tents had leaks and sleeping compartments were full of puddles.

All in all, this tent was great for a weekend at a festival – especially great for people unfamiliar with setting up complicated tents. It’s well-designed that folds up into a nicely sized bag and once divided, it’s okay to carry. It stayed standing from Thursday until Monday even with people constantly tripping over the guy ropes and falling on the roof of the tent. At just £119.99, this tent is a bargain, and should see many more festivals.

KnightwickOlpro tents are available through retailers and online stockists.


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