Falls of Clyde walkers can keep on walking

Falls of Clyde

Many thousands more visitors will be able to enjoy a wonderful walk at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve

Photograph: Chris Laws

The Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve is popular destination for walkers, wildlife lovers and visitors to the nearby New Lanark mill.

And many people take the opportunity to walk the trail towards Corra Linn, the largest of the spectacular Falls of Clyde.

In fact, so many thousands of walkers have strolled through the reserve, cared for by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, that a wooden boardwalk had been worn out.

Thanks to new funding, a revamped boardwalk, made with recycled plastic posts, has now been constructed, which promises many more years of safe walking.

The  boardwalk has been funded by the South Lanarkshire LEADER Programme and the Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership.

And last week it was opened by local MSP Claudia Beamish.

She said: “The Falls of Clyde is an area of outstanding natural beauty that every year attracts thousands of people to the area.

“I’m delighted that the Scottish Wildlife Trust has been able to invest in a new boardwalk to help visitors to continue to enjoy this stunning wildlife reserve.

“Ensuring that facilities are modern is a key part of delivering continued success and the boardwalk is a prime example of how this can be achieved using recycled materials that are sensitive to the environment and local wildlife.

“Over the years, the Falls of Clyde has been a family favourite of ours for days out and I hope that the new boardwalk encourages even more people to explore the area.”

The South of Scotland reserve manager for SWT, Stephen Blow, described how the walking trail takes people to the edge of the River Clyde, offering the chance to spot kingfishers, otters and goosanders.

He said: “Many visitors consider this a highlight of the walk on the way to the spectacular waterfalls upstream.”

To find out more about the Falls of Clyde see Scottish Wildlife Trust. There is a walk detailed at Walk Highlands.

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