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Prescription sports sunglasses will help you make the most of your days outdoors.

You love sport. You adore the sun. All you need to enjoy both to the full is a pair of prescription sports sunglasses.

Adidas Evil EyeThe good news is that prescription sunglasses are not vastly expensive items intended only for luxury yacht owners. Many are so affordable, and such a joy to wear, that you will wonder how you managed without for so long.

Jupiter Carbon SilverWhether cycling, running, hill-walking, golf, sailing or swimming is your thing, Black & Lizars have the eyewear for you. Kate Gamley, Practice Manager, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, says: “There are so many fantastic options available that it can be bewildering – so the best thing is to come into one of our practices and let us help you make a choice. The right quality sunglasses can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.”

Oakley, loved by the US military for its shrapnel-proof lenses, has a range of sport-specific designs. These have lenses configured for cyclists, who need a sharp view of the road ahead while riding with chin down, yet who also need to focus on the handlebar computer while looking out for obstacles. Golfers’ lenses, likewise, have two zones – one for following your ball’s flight down the fairway, one for putting. Anglers have a zone for casting and another for baiting.

Oakley Flak JacketRunners love Oakley’s stylish Flak Jacket range, which can be customised using vividly coloured frame accessories to match your mood – or your running kit.

Oakley Radar lock Mark CavendishOakley’s Radar Edge range features stress-resistant, ultra-lightweight frames and an Iridium lens coating to reduce glare. If you’re working up a sweat, at tennis, for instance, then you needn’t worry about your sunglasses slipping, as earsocks and customisable nosepads ensure a firm grip in all conditions.

A three-point fit keeps the lenses in the exact optical alignment you need to focus on that ball.

Maui Jim Hot SandsMaui Jim, a brand born in Hawaii, woos energetic buyers with niftily named designs such as the elegant Aloha Friday and the edgier Hot Sands. The bronze lenses, which maintain their effectiveness in salt water, subtly enhance colour differences without altering their balance – or, as Kate puts it: “They cheer the world up.”

Hilco Leader gogglesIf swimming is your thing, Hilco has a range of very affordable prescription goggles called Leader. Time to take the plunge, perhaps?

Many of the models mentioned are available at

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