Stars prepare for the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

Rory Lawson and Mike Tindall (c) Artemis Investments

Ski racer Dougie Crawford looks forward to a demanding charity challenge.

You’re in good company if you’re training for the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon, taking place on 11 July.

Dougie Crawford (c)

Dougie Crawford as he’s usually seen

Among those taking part in this year’s event, one of the most challenging and spectacular on the calendar, are Dougie Crawford, Scotland’s top downhill skier until he retired from competition this year, and Chemmy Alcott, his wife and fellow ski star. The two will compete as a pair, as will rugby heroes Rory Lawson, of Scotland, and Mike Tindall, of England, pictured top.

All of them plan to join more than 300 athletes as they swim 1.35km in Loch Tay, run for 24km over seven Munros, including Ben Lawers, kayak for 11km and cycle for 54km.

It’s the 15th quadrathlon, and is organised by Perthshire-based WildFox events, with the aim of raising as much money as possible for the charities Mercy Corps and Mary’s Meals, both of which work to relieve poverty in developing countries.

It’s a very special event, with its own unique ritual at the finish, when each team of two cuts a watermelon in half using a sword.

We caught up with Dougie to find out how his preparations are going.

Chemmy Alcott (c)

Chemmy Alcott in action

He said: “Part of me’s really looking forward to it and part of me is absolutely dreading it, as I think it’s going to be a really tough challenge. Training has been going OK, but I’ve probably not done nearly as much as I should have.

“We cycle a lot for our ski training, and I’ve done the Etape Caledonia and some bike tours in Europe, but it’s the combination of that with other events that’s going to make it tough. I’ve not really done kayaking for any real distance and I’ve not run or hill-climbed much at all. As a skier I’ve tried to avoid those load-bearing sports.

“Both Chemmy and I are looking forward to doing fun training and a variety of activities rather than following a strict programme of very specific cycling and gym work.

“I don’t know the area very well so I’ll definitely be looking at a map to make sure we don’t get lost.”

Rory Lawson and Mike Tindall 2 (c) Artemis Investments

Rugby rivals – and pals – Rory Lawson and Mike Tindall

Read how our correspondent Fiona Outdoors fared when she entered last year’s Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon.

Find out more about Mercy Corps and Mary’s Meals here:

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