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New Subscription

 What is the easiest way to set up a subscription?
There are a number of methods you can use to subscribe. You can do this via the website by completing the subscription form, you can also call +44 (0)131 300 0295 to make payment and set up your subscription over the phone, or you can send us a cheque in the post with your details.

 How do I set up a recurring subscription?
Recurring subscriptions can only be set up online as you have to authorise regular payments from your credit card. All you need to do is complete the continuous subscription form Currently this is £12 every 6 months. The subscription must last a minimum of one year before cancelling.

 How do I set up a one year subscription?
You can either fill out the annual subscription form on the website, or because this is a one off payment, you can also call +44 (0)131 300 0295 with your details to set up your subscription. You could also post us a cheque for £28 and include a note with the shipping address, which issue you’d like to start from and contact details. This is £28 for one year.

 Can I buy a digital subscription?
Currently we only offer single issues in a digital (PDF) format.

 Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. Just enter in your shipping address on the subscription form and proceed to checkout.

Renewing My Subscription

 Why is my email address not recognised when I try to renew my subscription?
As we have a new online system, this means that your email address will not yet have been inputted. To renew, you need to fill out the subscription form that will then create your online account. Your email address will then be recognised once you have created an online account.

 I want to renew but already have the issue which new subscribers start with.
We have a record of previous subscribers and can see which issues you have had and which issue you are due to receive next, so you will not receive two copies of the same issue when you renew. You can also leave a note on your order to say which issue you would like to start with.

Gift Subscriptions

 How will my recipient know the gift subscription is from me?
Once you have completed the gift subscription form, we send out a welcome letter with your recipient’s first issue that states who the gift is from and any gift message you have included on the form. Please make sure to have your address in the ‘Billing Address’ field and the recipient’s name and address in the ‘Shipping Address’ field.

Updating My Details

 I want to update my shipping address/email address.
If you have a new email address or have moved house then you can update these details. Once you are set up with an online account, you will be able to amend your contact details yourself, just log into your account at If you do not yet have an online account then just get in touch with us and we can manually update your details.

Missing Issue

 I have not received my copy of Scotland Outdoors yet.
If you have not received your copy of the latest issue or order, then we are very sorry to hear this. Please just let us know and we can check that we have the correct address for you and get another copy posted out to you. Call +44 (0)131 300 0295 or email [email protected]

Any Other Questions?

If this page does not answer your question then please get in touch with us. Call +44 (0)131 300 0295 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or email [email protected]

2 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Paul says:

    How do I submit an event to be listed?

  2. Neil Braidwood says:

    You can post an event on our Facebook page, or tweet to us letting us know. If we think it’s suitable (it also needs to be in Scotland) then we’ll put it on our events calendar. You can email us too – see our contacts page for addresses.

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